You Tube Video, “Motivational Interviewing an Introduction”

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New Times Roman; 12 pt. font; references desired. Due by 11:59pm 10/24
1.Watch the You Tube Video, “Motivational Interviewing an Introduction”, by Bill Matulich. As you watch it answer the following questions:

a. What is Dr. Matulich’s definition of Motivational Interviewing (MI)?
b. When “change” is hard it is because people are ambivalent or resistant? What is the difference and what does that mean? Why do you think people who abuse substances might be ambivalent?
c. How does MI help people through ambivalence?
d. What are the four parts of the “Spirit of MI” and describe each and what each means, maybe forward an example of each.
e. What are what he calls “the four core skills”?
f. Provide an example of each of these four core skills with a focus on examples form working with someone who has a substance abuse disorder.
g. Describe what he calls the “four processes”. Elaborate and provider examples of maybe good and not so good ways to use these.
h. What does he mean when he says you are looking for change talk?

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