Writer’s choiceSelect 1 current social issue that has global diversity and inclusion implications.

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Imagine that you are a manager at an organization connected to the social issue you selected. You are passionate about making effective change and are aware that research is essential to explore the implications and identify solutions.

Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you do the following:

Describe the social issue you have selected. Name the marginalized and/or multicultural groups, if any, who are at the center of this social issue.
Explain key messages in support of this social issue. Provide examples.
Explain the key areas of opposition regarding this social issue.
Research what global impact this social issue has. Explain whether this social issue exists in countries other than the United States. If it does, what are similarities and differences to how this issue is addressed abroad?
Discuss what challenges this social issue presents in society and/or the workplace. Identify any challenges the issue has presented you or your coworkers.
Explain how awareness of this social issue benefits society and/or the workplace.
Discuss your greatest breakthrough or “ah ha” moment in researching your selected social issue. What are possible strategies you identified that could be implemented to improve, resolve, or eradicate this social issue?

Use the speaker notes section to enhance and explain information included on the slides, as well as to provide supplemental and reflective information.

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