Writer’s choice: Web design project week 11

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Part 1:

Expand your Project 1 Fitness Club: Add the classes.html page, in this page add a list of classes that are offered at the Gym, you need to put this information in a table, with at least 3 columns and 5 rows (you can make up this data). Add nutrition.html page, this page should be a form, a user fills out their information (Name, Age, Gender, Weight) to get a customized nutrition plan (note: you can add other fields, add a mix of different form controls, the form action should be to your email address)

Part 2:

Sign up for 000Webhost and Upload to the server, add all the folders and pages, the index page should be the first page that loads when navigating to your site.

Submit the site URL that is given to you when you sign up for the web hosting service. To Grade your work I will navigate to your site and browse it.

We will be using 000WebHost:

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