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For this assignment you need to choose one of the invertebrate species from lab 6 to design an experiment on. You must include an observation, experimental question, hypothesis, experimental design and a prediction if your hypothesis is correct.

A good experimental question is based on background information and current literature, so do some reading on your organism before you start.

A good hypothesis is testable, falsifiable and supported by literature. This is the answer to your experimental question.

A good experimental design considers thetype of data that will be collected in the experiment and how it will be collected. Think about replicates (how many times are you repeating the experiment?) and sample size (remember that sample size affects confidence in the results). Don’t forget about a control group!

The experimental design is best described as a flow-chart or diagram. You may hand-draw the diagram if you choose, as long as it is tidy. Insert the image into the assignment template.

Once you have designed your experiment, predict what you will see in the results if your hypothesis is correct.

You should have citations in the text and a literature cited section at the end of your assignment. Use CSE formatting.
– please use primary sources
-making sure they are from google scholar or peer-reviewed

please use the attached Template as this does not need to be answered in essay format. please just use the blue template provided exactly.
– i have also attached a rubric for you to use.

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