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Unit 9 Assignment: Statistical Analyses for Organizational Decision-Making in Healthcare

Grading rubrics for this Assignment are located under Course Resources.

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

  • Describe the health initiative addressed.
  • Identify credible data sources.
  • Choose appropriate statistical measures.
  • Present an action plan based on decisions from data analysis.
  • Analyze a given data set for the purpose of making a decision.
  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the best action based on clinical data.

Course outcomes assessed in this Assignment:

HS312-6: Explain the relationship between health data analytics and business decisions to improve a specific healthcare initiative. 


Mine, analyze, and graph data from an approved health care database such as healthdata.gov. Determine which technology will best accomplish this task. Based on your analysis of trends and patterns, create a graphical representation that will assist you in making three recommendations. Present these results along with the graph(s) in an appropriate format, such as a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation. Include and explain the variables you used to mine your dataset and verify why you chose the technology. Cite your sources in an APA formatted reference list.