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Part I – Policy History & Background (8 points)

Using the policy analysis framework provided, the group must write a “prospectus” [background] on the policy the group will undertake. It is to include:

Project Tasks and Group Roles

A description of the tasks that are necessary to complete the project that the group identifies in this preliminary stage; role assignment of group members; outline of fair distribution of labor; and description of how the group plans to function to complete the project (i.e., working in subgroups, meeting weekly, using online discussion forums, etc.). Specify roles of members.

Identify the Policy

Briefly but accurately identify your policy. If a bill, is it a house bill or a senate bill, and who is the author? Briefly describe the goal.

Historical Background

Explore what historical problems have led to the policy or bill. Address how the problem was handled previously and identify any shifts in policy. Some questions to consider:

What historical problems led to the creation of this policy?
How important have these problems been historically?
How was the problem handled in the past?
When did the policy originate?
Has the original policy change over time?
What is the legislative history of the policy?

The group will need to find out as much as possible about the Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why of the chosen policy, including the players, the rules, and the formal and informal power structures. What are the politics and societal values surrounding the issue? Use the list of websites at the end of the syllabus for some of your fact-finding, or unearth your own.

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