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In Unit 1, you were asked to begin thinking about, and working on, the case study that will be the basis for the Risk Assessment, Treatment Plan, and Intervention Application assignments. For this discussion, use the Biopsychosocial tab found in the Case Study Treatment Plan media activity (linked in Resources) to generate the details and background story of the case study family created for this course. Complete each section of the Biopsychosocial activity listed below, create a PDF, and post it in the discussion area. (Note: The Mini Mental Status Exam section does not need to be completed).

Client Demographic Data (Identify 3–4 family members).
Family History.
Current Living Situation and Environment.
Personal History.
Medical Information.
Substance Abuse or Addiction History and Current Situation.
Emotional or Psychiatric History.
Current Symptoms.
Possible Consultations or Referrals.
Other Information.
Theoretical Model (Structural, Strategic, or Intergenerational/Bowen).
Biopsychosocial Assessment: Use this tab as a tool to aid you in generating your example client-family that each assignment will be based upon. Provide a concise clinical picture of the client family. Click each link on the left (for example, Client Demographic Data, Family History, etc.) and complete each field that displays on the right. You may not have entries for all fields. Complete this tab for the Unit 2 Discussion, Case Study Biopsychosocial Activity and the Unit 4 assignment, Clinical Aspects of Crisis Management.

Template to use is attached.

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