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I need this report for my internship report. I will write here the company name and I did briefly. You can write it however you want. 

The company name: Kosifler Oto

The website: https://www.kosifleroto.com.tr

I work as a sales and marketing intern for 4 weeks. I uploaded the document that includes the must-have topics for the report.

As a sales and car rental intern, I will update all Kosifler Auto’s data collected since 2010. I meet with companies that have rented a long-term premium vehicle from our company or have the potential to rent, collect their contact information and inform them about our advantages. As a marketing and sales strategy, I observe the sales consultants in my department and collect regular feedback every day. In long-term car rental, we identify potential customers, categorize them, and work on developing company-specific marketing strategies.


Kindly include a one chart in this assignment

Note that although the customer has not indicated the number of sources to use, please cite any information cited

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