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You, as the network admin, console into a switch via the IP address and configure a port with a specific VLAN for a printer. You add the VLAN to the port as an untagged port or access port on the printer VLAN. The traffic should be routed from the edge switch that the printer will be patched into, to the core/distribution switch in the MDF. After configuring the VLAN, you plug the printer into the wall jack and see the printer NIC link lights light up. All appears to be good. However, you notice the printer shows it is offline when you try to access it through the print server.

You start with the following troubleshooting steps:

You check the printer network configuration and see it has the proper, unique IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.
The switch port has the proper untagged VLAN or access VLAN on the port.
The printer NIC link lights are showing proper color and blinking/solid feedback.
You have also qualified the Ethernet cable and it is all good.
Digging a little more, you do find that this is the only printer on the switch.

What are your next troubleshooting steps?
What tool(s) would you use?
Why do you think the printer is not showing on the network and why will it not respond when you try troubleshooting it?
What do you think would be the possible fix for this issue?

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