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1. How do the Minoans and Mycenaeans compare to the Egyptians and Mesopotamians of the Bronze Age? Why do you
think there are similarities and/or differences?
2. How influential do you think the Sea Peoples were in the 12th century collapse? What were some other factors that
influenced it? What do you think the right combination of factors was that caused all of the civilizations to collapse at
the same time?
3. What were some of the new styles of government, religion, social structure and culture of the early Iron Age
societies? How do these compare to the Bronze Age societies? Why do you think these changes came about?
4. The Iron Age also coincided with the emergence of monotheistic religions (Judaism, Zoroastrianism). How do you
HIS 1100, Ancient World 2
think these new religions influenced the development of new social structures, governments and cultures? What is
the role and importance of religion in society?
5. What influenced the development of the Iron Age empires? Did the Persians continue the empires of the NeoAssyrians and Medes or develop something entirely new? Why? What did these Iron Age empires value and what can
we learn from them?

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