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1. Each of you must come up with a new venture (business) idea a business idea that is feasible, viable, and desirable. (The meanings of these 3 words are: Feasibility answers the question “Can the business idea be done from a technical or organizational perspective?”; Viability answers the question “Can we make money doing it?”; and Desirability answers the question “What do people need?”).

Explain your idea in one page. There is not a defined template, but include the following points:

A. Let us know what exactly is the product or service offering that you are thinking of,

B. which customers would you satisfy (their demographics like age, gender, work status, family status, Socio-Economic Status),

C. why do you think these customers will buy from you,

D. how is your product/service offering unique from existing ones,

E. who are the existing companies offering the same or similar product/service offering and so forth.

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