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Assessment 4 Instructions: Development Stages of Washington Family Members

Use the Riverbend City: The Mystery of Mercury media piece to write a paper determining what happened to the Washington family’s gerbil, incorporating theory and research to support your claims.

When working with families, it is important to be able to assess the development stage of each family member, taking into consideration their life situations. This will help you understand why each family member is responding to a situation in a certain way, and help you identify how to help the family deal with any problems they are experiencing.

Review the chapters on development during adolescence and middle adulthood.

Complete the Riverbend City: The Mystery of Mercury interactive media piece, which focuses on the developmental stages of the members of the Washington Family. As you complete the media piece, you will be asked a series of questions. When you have completed the media piece, it will generate a document. Submit this document as your assessment.

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