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Instructions: There is a list of 10 essay questions (File attached named – ESSAY QUESTIONS). Choose just 1 of the questions and then answer it in essay format. Also attached another file named – INSTRUCTIONS, which tells you everything you need. Please include the question number and actual question that you are using/answering on the cover page. The essay should not be a summary of the outside material. Do not treat this as a literature review or a review of the material. GIVE ME YOUR VIEWPOINT in the form of a thesis statement that directly answers the question that I am asking. Then give me 2-4 main reasons why you believe in your viewpoint in the form of 2-4 arguments with each argument being a paragraph. Then you can introduce evidence to support the already made arguments. I AM LOOKING FOR YOUR VIEWPOINT IN THIS PAPER ABOVE ALL ELSE. Essays that are just summaries will not do well. I want a logically-structured and clearly expressed essay led by your thesis position, supported by your arguments, and backed up by content as evidence. You have the option to use as many sources as you need to justify YOUR OPINION! (NO LIMIT ON NUMBERS OF SOURCES). PLEASE DONT GIVE/WRITE E A SUMMARY!!!!

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