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Use the theory that you developed in week two. Improve it by using the information you have obtained in the intervening weeks. Use the Conceptual – Theoretical – Empirical Model (CTE) to link the operational definitions with the empirical indicators with the theoretical concepts and the conceptual model components. Post your revised theory and explain how you would measure the concepts and proposition in a research study.

The theory selected for this assignment is Maslow’s motivation theory. Like other theories, Maslow’s theory consists of two concepts that can be formatted using the psychosocial development style. The theory argues that motivation of human behavior (Concept A) progresses through (proposition) a hierarchy or stages (concept). Fundamentally, one may say that the theory comprises two nouns and a verb that shows the relationship between the two concepts.

Some of the concepts used in Maslow’s motivation theory are defined almost similar to the full dictionary definition. For example, as used in theory, motivation means the act or process of giving one a reason to pursue or dosomething (“Motivation,” n.d.). For example, Maslow argued that motivation stems from one’s desire to satisfy the five basic needs; physiological, safety, love, belonging, and self-actualization. As used in this context, motivation means that the five-tiers of basic needs are the prominent factors that influence one’s behavior, such as working hard and socializing. As used in theory, hierarchy also has a close but slightly different meaning to the full dictionary definition.Notably, hierarchy, as described in Merriam-webster dictionary, refers to a graded or ranked series (“Hierarchy,” n.d.). In theory, Maslow used the term hierarchy to refer to the different rankings of human needs, from the low rank, basic needs, to the high rank, self-actualization.

Essentially, all the terms used in Maslow’s theory of motivation have close meanings to their general use.Arguably, one of the reasons for the similarity could be that dictionary definitions are derived from literature. However, these terms might be misinterpreted or confused during application in real life. For example, the term hierarchy is often used to mean ranked series, implying that one thing precedes another and so on. However, following this definition may mean that the needs must follow a definite hierarchical order which is not entirely the case.


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