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PRE-LAB QUESTIONS:Please cite your source(s) for each of youranswers.

A guide to citations is given in Lab Archives.
1.How do ions form?

2.What is the difference between a cationand anion?

3.Explain how the periodic table can be easily used to predict the preferred charge of an element when it ionizes. Give two examples.

4.Give three examples of elements that have variable charges(including the possible charges).Do not include examples from the Introduction section of this handout.

5.What is a binary ionic compound? Give the chemical formulaof any two binary ionic compounds.

6.Explain how to name binary ionic compounds, using MgBr2as an example.

7.How does the name of an ionic compound change when it contains a metal with a variable charge? Use FeCl2and FeCl3as examples

.8.What is a polyatomic ion? Give twoexamples.

9.Explain how to name ionic compounds containing polyatomic ions, using (NH4)2SO4and Ca(NO3)2as examples.

10.Explain the difference between how an ionic and molecular (covalent) compoundare formed. Your answer should discuss electrons. Give one example of eachtype of compound.

11.Explain how to name molecular (covalent) compounds, using B2H6and NO2as examples.

12.Are compounds that contain polyatomic ions considered ionicor molecular(pick one)?

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