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The Keystone XL Pipeline

The Keystone XL is a planned 1,210-mile detour from the existing Keystone pipeline, which runs from Canada’s Alberta province to Gulf Coast oil refineries. The Keystone XL would haul 830,000 barrels of crude oil per day through Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska before reconnecting to the original pipeline. The American Dream mall of fossil fuel projects, the Keystone XL has been in the works for 15+ years but faced numerous delays and legal setbacks, including former President Obama’s 2015 rejection of its permit application. Environmentalists strongly oppose the pipeline because it 1) is an $8 billion investment in harmful fossil fuels 2) cuts through protected wetlands and tribal lands and 3) carries “bitumen” from Alberta’s oil sands, a type of crude oil that creates more pollution. Some major banks have stopped financing all oil sands projects because of the climate impact. Canada’s ambassador to the US says oil sands production and emissions per barrel have improved since the project was announced, and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and President Trump, supporters of Keystone XL, argue it will reduce reliance on foreign oil and create jobs. On Sunday, the Keystone XL’s developer tried convincing Biden it won’t be like those other fossil fuel projects, pledging…

$1.7 billion in solar, wind, and battery investments Net-zero emissions after starting service in 2023 A ~$785 million stake in the project for indigenous tribes

The Canadian portion has been under construction for months. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney told CBC that cancelling the project would hurt US and Canadian jobs and undermine national security by leaving America dependent on OPEC imports.

ASSIGNMENT: Write an essay in which you analyze the case study The Keystone XL Pipeline Consider all sides of this complex situation fairly and fully, and explain what your position is on this issue, and what you believe is the right thing to do.

Reread chapter 4 https://openstax.org/books/business-ethics/pages/4-3-government-and-the-private-sector

How would you balance a protestor’s First Amendment right of free speech, expression, and assembly with concern for public safety and protection of property? COVER ALL SIDES: Present a careful and thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the different possible approaches suggested in this case. Persuade readers to agree with the side you support. Most good essays will have 5-6 paragraphs. Cite your sdources-provide a Works Cited/References Page

SPECIFICALLY: In your view, and using utilitarian, rights, justice and caring assessments, explain your thoughts-should this pipeline be built?

FORMAT: using Arial 10 or Times New Roman 11

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