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You have been hired by a local school system to conduct a preliminary analysis related to student performance on standardized tests. You have been provided a data set with a sample of 200 students that contains their MATH and READING test scores, some additional demographic information, and some behavioral data. (See Module to find this data set.) Your task is to analyze this information USING ONLY the tools that we have learned so far in this course. (I realize that some of you might have a background in regression or econometrics, but you will have to save those skills until later in the course.) You will conduct and write up your analysis, being careful to present statistics and graphs that are useful and to make accurate conclusions.


Your task is to help the school system better understand their students with respect to performance. Conduct an analysis, from a consulting angle, focusing on what we have learned in Module 1 and Module 2 ( Descriptive statistics- measures of location and dispersion, Data visualization, Data analysis)

You are limited ONLY to the statistical topics we have covered. You may not conduct other types of analyses. You are welcome to develop graphical structures that connect to statistics concepts we have discussed.
Your analysis must address content from both Modules 1 and 2 and include graphical structures.
Make interesting observations, make interesting connections, find ways to present data visually in a meaningful way, etc.
You need to explain to your client what the analysis you provide CAN and CANNOT tell them about student performance.
Content must be well crafted, correctly interpreted, and well explained.
You need to explain to your client what the analysis you provide CAN and CANNOT tell them about student performance.
The assignment is intended to be “open-ended” in order to allow you to craft an analysis and organization that you feel best meets the needs of your client.


Your audience is your client, the school system. You can assume that your audience has some very basic knowledge of statistics, and you should explain the implications of statistics you generate to this audience. (They understand mean, median, mode–the basics–but might not fully understand concepts like standard deviation, percentiles, etc. so those require some explanation. They might understand basics graphs but you need to be sure they understand the “takeaways.”)


Your report may be no more than 4 pages. (Do not waste space with a title page or big header, as that will not contribute to length and the system tells us who you are so it is not needed.)
Please put your name at the top (but nothing else, as indicated in previous bullet).
Submit your report single spaced.
Please use 12-point font and 1-inch margins.
Graphs should be large enough read but no so large that they waste tons of space (you don’t get credit for graphs that are oversized as a way of lengthening the report).
Please have an extra blank line before and after tables and graphs and before section headings.
This should be styled as a report for a school system with brief overview, clear organizational structure, and conclusion.
You must use good technical writing techniques (covered in the lecture on Good Technical Writing Skills).
You do NOT need to cite any data source, as the data has been provided to you by the client.
While content will be given more weight, organization and writing quality contribute towards your grade. These should not be neglected.

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