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This week, we are discussing the Implicit Association Test (IAT). First, please go to the IAT website
and choose one of the tests you would like to take. We are not restricting which of the IAT topics you can choose, so pick one that you think will be interesting to you. Please take one of the tests*. The test is supposed to take approximately 10 minutes, so please plan accordingly. You should be able to take the test on your computer, tablet, or phone.

After you have completed one of the IAT tests, write a post about your experience taking the IAT. Some discussion topics you may want to write about include the following: Do you think the test is accurately measuring implicit bias? Were you surprised by your results? Did you think the methods were appropriate or effective? (Note: These are just suggestions for your post. You do not have to answer all of the suggested topics. You can if you want, though! Also, you do not have to disclose your results if you do not want to.)

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