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Reflection – The Joker Case
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Weekly Reflection Guidelines

Note: Online reflections apply only to synchronous online courses that meet virtually. Active participation in this class is a must. A large part of your final grade will be based on the weekly reflection assignments. You should post thoughtful replies that answer all prompts by the due date. You need not reply to classmates’ posts in the reflection assignment. You should use at least one source to support your statements and cite this source using in-text citation and listing the complete reference at the end of your post in accordance with APA guidelines. Please note that you will be evaluated on the quality of your participation in class.

Discussion Prompt

For this discussion, please reflect on Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. The scenario’s plot in the clip can be described as follows:

Two large ferries are leaving Gotham: one full of criminals, the other occupied by innocent citizens. Imagine that you are on the boat full of innocent citizens. The two boats suddenly lose all power, and it becomes clear that both are wired with deadly explosives. Detonators are discovered on each ferry, and they will set off the explosives on the other ship. The Joker’s voice comes over the ferries’ loudspeaker, and he announces that he is performing a “social experiment.” One ferry’s passengers must press its detonator’s button and destroy the other boat by midnight, or else the Joker will explode both boats.

What should you do as a passenger on the boat full of innocent citizens? If one were to push the button and blow up the prisoners, what might that say about their character? Is pushing the button the morally right thing to do in this case?

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