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MGT 330 – Video Analysis – The Corporation Summer 2 2021
Video by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott & Joel Bakan

ASSIGNMENT: This is a two-part assignment.

Part 1. You are to create a comprehensive list of as many unethical government, corporations and/or people as you can from the video. This list is to include one sentence for each telling me why they earned a place on your list. Be creative. Your list should have a minimum of 25 entries. I have seen as many as 60.

Part 2. After watching the video “The Corporation” identify three of the most unethical people and/ or organizations. Write an essay in which you analyze each of the three including why you selected them, what they did which you deemed unethical, the results of their actions, money or results and what should have been done. Include, if appropriate, a statement about the corporation they are involved with.

You are to also identify two entities who/which acted ethically. Tell me what they did and why you consider this ethical.

Please be specific and give examples. Again, use your own words. Use APA to cite appropriate references. This video is readily available on YouTube. Produced by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Baken.

FORMAT: Approximately six to twelve pages double spaced) –
using Arial 10 or Times New Roman 11

ASSUMPTIONS: you may make realistic assumptions to provide further detail to your analysis. You should also consider including where the corporations and government worked together in a negative or positive manner.

COVER ALL SIDES: Present a careful and thorough analysis of the ethics or lack of ethics.
Most good essays will have 5-6 paragraphs:

Introduction to your paper and subjects for discussion
Paragraph for each selected entity including what, why, etc., and specific examples
Summary paragraph
APA References


(1) Thinking: well-organized essay with clear transitions, easy to read;
good logical flow, with each point following from the last; intelligent
content/analysis with no fluff or repetition;

(2) Writing: easy-to-read, short sentences, making clear transitions from
one point to the next / one paragraph to the next; correct grammar, punctuation;
use of exactly the right words – including prepositions, conjunctions, and longer
words and phrases.

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