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You are an HR manager for a U.S. based organization planning to expand internationally over the next two years to a specified country.
For the purposes of this report, you select the country from one of the ten U.S. top trading partners
(year-to-date total trade as of July 2020, U.S. Census Bureau):
Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, Germany, South Korea, UK, Switzerland, Taiwan, Vietnam
Your CEO requires a preliminary report comprising the below
The goal: To leverage diversity and cultural difference to build competitive advantage
Total points: 100

1. An outline of how the IHRM function relates to global business strategy and the value a well planned and executed IHRM policy brings to the organization

2. A summary of the differences identifiable when comparing home (HQ) and host country cultures

3. Your recommendations as to IHRM best practice in three of these four areas for your organization expanding into this country, based on your research:
a) Management IA recruitment, selection, and repatriation
b) Training and development
c) Labor Relations
d) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Use the following to help you formulate this report:
Writing Guidelines and Resources section here on Blackboard
Recommended Research Resources section here on Blackboard
Independent research
Integrative cases in your textbook:
Case 1: A Case Study in Cross-Cultural Management (US/Japan) Page 499
Case 2: Bavarian Auto Works in Indonesia (Germany/Indonesia) Page 503

Minimum number of pages: 7
Excluding Cover Page, Table of Contents, Abstract, Reference List and any appendices
Minimum number of research sources cited: 4 (including course textbook)

Format your report as follows:
Cover Page
Title: Global HR Strategy (Country name)
For: (Organization name)
By: (Your name)
Stony Brook School of Professional Development
HRM 548: Diversity and Global Issues in the Workplace
Instructor: Leigh Mulligan
Semester: Fall 2020
Submission date: November 1, 2020

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
You write this section last, after completing your report – but you place it here, after your Table of Contents (as you would an Abstract).
it comprises highlights of your report:
A summary of the research conducted, why you did it, what you discovered, and your recommendations as to IHRM best practice.
Goal: To grab the reader’s attention, so they read the entire report

This comprises your answers in sections 1. and 2. above

International Human Resource Management Best Practice: Research and Recommendations
a) Management IA Recruitment, Selection and Repatriation
b) Training and Development
c) Labor Relations
d) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
This comprises your answers in section 3. above (you cover three of these four areas)


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