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You are a member of a recently formed multi-agency task force that was created to deal with numerous complaints against local police and corrections officers in your town. You are asked to determine if there is merit to these allegations and to develop a protocol to address the current problem to prevent these practices from occurring in the future. The allegations deal primarily with brutality toward citizens and inmates. There are signs that the entire police and correctional system is systemically suffering from internal corruption activity, specifically from supervisory and upper-management positions. You have witnesses of police attacks on teenagers, in addition to family members who have seen their loved ones with bruises from attacks suffered in the correctional system.

The committee is provided a report that was produced through interviewing all inmates in the correctional system. An overwhelming 90% of inmates said they were battered for nonpolicy violations, such as not eating lunch under their 30-second rule, or for the way the inmate walked; many inmates stated that correctional officers would make it clear to them that they were walking like girls and needed an “old-fashioned whooping.”

When the task force took a comprehensive look at police complaints, they were provided pictures that were sent in by citizens that showed police officers using weapons in their assaults of young teenagers who were alleged to be gang members. There was some audio provided of the voices of police officers speaking to the police chief about a specific crime-ridden area, in which they were instructed to make an example of anyone who looked suspicious who was found walking after 11:00 PM.

Executive Summary

You will identify corrupt practices of the police and correctional systems of the town and make several recommendations on how to address the corruption. The following must be included in your 7–8-page paper:

Provide a 1-page executive summary or overview of the corrupt practices of the police and correctional systems.
The best time to write an executive summary is after the investigative report is already written.
Provide a 1-page bulleted list of key recommendations to address the corruption occurring in the police and correctional systems, with short explanations as to why the recommendation is being made.
The best time to write final bulleted recommendations is after an investigative report is already written.
Investigative Paper

The final 7–8-page paper should include the following:
An executive summary (1 page or less)
Key bulleted recommendations with short explanations (1 page or less).
An explanatory and comprehensive compilation of all the recommendations
Identification of illegal practices that can be addressed through the creation of and enforcement of new policies
Long-term strategies for reducing systemic corruption, along with tentative time lines for the strategies to take effect
Assignment Guidelines

Be sure to use at least 1 of the theories on ethics in your proposal. Your proposal should include an analysis, a causal explanation(s) of the ethical dilemmas, and methods for reducing current and future corruption.
This project will take thoughtful contemplation of legal and ethical issues to be able to address systemic problems.
Please use APA style to write this paper.

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