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Write a 2 page paper analyzing the book What Money Can’t Buy. Explain the author’s ideas, concepts and positions and explain how ethical decision making is related to these ideas. Remember to cite your sources and include a Works Cited page. Reflect on the following quotes from Sandel:
“Altruism, generosity, solidarity and civic spirit are not like commodities that are depleted with use. They are more like muscles that develop and grow stronger with exercise. One of the defects of a market-driven society is that it lets these virtues languish. To renew our public life we need to exercise them more strenuously.
A growing body of work in social psychology offers a possible explanation for the commercialization effect. These studies highlight the difference between intrinsic motivations (such as moral conviction or interest in the task at hand) and external ones (such as money or other tangible rewards). When people are engaged in an activity they consider intrinsically worthwhile, offering them money may weaken their motivation by depreciating or “crowding out” their intrinsic interest or commitment.” ― Michael J. Sandel, What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets
In a two page essay, respond to the above quotations from the author. Do you agree or disagree with his observations and claims. What research and evidence do you have to back up your position. Make sure that you cite your sources and provide a works cited page.

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