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What is your first thought after watching the whole film and what 2-3 facts really stuck with you?
What system does Annie Leonard refer to as a system in crisis and why?
Next, consider these terms from the film: Planned Obsolescence and Perceived Obsolescence. Look around your house, apartment, office, workspace. What item(s) around you in your life (shirt, shoes, computer, etc.) have you experienced Planned or Perceived Obsolescence? Tell us about it. What changes do you think could be made so products can become less obsolete so quickly, and therefore more sustainable?
Also, does the item come from a developing country? What resources were involved in making this item and getting it to you? And, what is one way you think this process can be improved?
Lastly, tie in what you saw and heard in the film. What really really stuck with you? and why? Include citations from the film.

Video link: https://youtu.be/9GorqroigqM

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