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Clinical scenario: An elderly patient was admitted via A& E with respiratory probems and treated with intermittent positive pressure ventilation. Was ventilated in ICU overnight. Intubation removed next morning then transferred to busy ward. The patient’s family after visiting asked for bedrails,which was carried out. At 04.00 the pt was found lying on floor suffered fracture leg and died 3 days later.
Part 1 3000 word – 3 main sections.
*Critique the process of risk assessments in complex care environments:
Critique the evidence base reated to clinical decision making, professional judgement and accountability in relation to risk.
Discuss the use of bed rails relation to patient safety and justify by referring to literature.
Re: scenario provided identify which risk assessment should have been undertaken and support with literature.
*Discuss and analyse pt safety culture:
Critique initiatives that support pt safety such as the Scottish Pt Safety program.
What is the importance of team work and situational awareness.
What constitutes a pt safety culture and discuss how may this be adopted within a healthcare setting.
*The contribution of clinical nurse leadership to quality care provision:
This can be more general and not related to scenario.
Critique the role of quality improvement in contemporary healthcare re: management of risk.
Discuss how a clinical nurse leader can influence quality and pt safety in complex clinical environments. Consider which styles of leadership support a safe pt culture.

* Reflect on learning from the module and how will use learning in practice:
Cite 3 conversations (one which had with a peer) in developing your thinking / or even changed your views – the thread of the 3 chosen conversations so to follow the thread which has been effective in your learning learning. (500 word)

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