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You work for a college system that uses a private IP range and that has multiple subnets/VLANs that segment the network for various functions. DHCP is in use for most of the subnets, including the one that is meant for students. At the end of every semester, the nursing department holds certification testing. These tests are proctored, and the browsers are locked so students can’t search the Internet for the answers. The laptops that the students use have been properly configured and the program has been downloaded for testing purposes. All seems to be working and is set up. However, the company that provides the certification testing has a policy that matches the IP address of the client computer to a preconfigured list of allowed testing stations. A week before the testing starts, you are called by the nursing department chair relaying that the testing company has asked for the IP addresses of the computers that will be connecting to the website to put on their whitelist.


What would happen if you just gave the testing company the IP addresses of the computers?

Do you see a problem with giving the computer IP addresses to the remote testing company?

How would you respond to that request and work through any issue?

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