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The Economist article takes/assumes the position that profit is undeniably good for society.
draw on your experience in the simulation, and the materials/examples covered in our first 2 lectures, to
reflect on the statement that

the pursuit of profit is good for society.

Your reflection should challenge,
or critically assess, specific arguments contained in the Economist article (
We have thus far raised sufficient concerns about the assumption that profit/maximizing profit is always
good and always in the publics interest. You are being asked to identify key arguments in The Economist
article, and rebut (or critically assess) the notion that blind self-interest is always in the publics interest and/or brings about ideal results. Please refer to course concepts (not just examples) in your analysis

Don’t worry about when it refers to the simulation.
Just critically analyze the article. The link for the article is:

The article is on page 9-12

Thank you

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