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Clinical scenario:
An elderly patient was admitted via A&E with respiratory problems and treated with intermittent positive pressure ventilation overnight in ICU.
Intubation was removed next morning and was then transferred to a busy ward. The patient’s family after visiting asked for bed rails, this was carried out. At 04.00 the pt was found lying on the floor and suffered a fractured leg/ hip and died 3 days later.
Part 1 3000 word with – 3 mains sections.
*Critique the process of risk assessments in complex care environments:
Critique the evidence base related to clinical decisions making, professional judgment & accountability in relation to risk.
Discuss the use of bed rails in relation to pt safety & justify by referring to literature.
Re: scenario provided identify which risk assessment should have been undertaken & support with literature.
*Discuss and analyse pt safety culture:
Critique initiatives that support pt safety such as the Scottish Pt safety program.
What is the importance of team work & situational awareness.
What constitutes a pt safety culture & discuss how May this be adopted within a healthcare setting.
*The contribution of clinical nurse leadership to quality care provision:
This can be more general & not related to above scenario.
Critique the role of quality improvement in contemporary health care re: management of risk.
Discuss how a clinical nurse leader can influence quality and patient safety in complex clinical environments. Consider which styles of leadership support a safe patient culture.

*Reflect on learning from the module and how you will use your learning in practice:
Cite 3 conversations ( one with a peer) in developing your thinking / or even changed your views – the thread of the 3 chosen conversations so as to what has been effective in your learning (500 words)

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