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You must identify a media article that reflects research applicable to a policy topic covered in the course’s Reading & Study material(social welfare policy: examples- institutional period in America, Poor Laws, prisons, mental health, the civil war and reconstruction, private charity, the progressive era, environmental) and use the media article as the basis of a 2-page review. In this review, you must:
1. Briefly summarize the purpose of the article, which should come from a news outlet such as CNN, Fox News, ABC, The Washington Post, The News and Advance, The Huffington Post, etc.
a. include the policy topic highlighted and
b. implications for its implementation or lack thereof.
2. Review what the author states/their opinion on the policy.
3. You will also briefly state your view on the policy and why you are taking this position.

4. This review must follow current APA format and include a title page and a reference page. The title page and reference page do not count toward the length requirement. Although only 1 reference (the article examined) is required, 1-2 additional references on the policy/topic are encouraged.

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