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For this week’s assignment, you will first identify a research topic. It can be any topic related in some way to business. You’ll know its a research topic when the topic revolves around an issue or problem that either has been or needs to be addressed. For example:

Investing in real estate. This is not a research topic.
The risks of investing in real estate. This is a research topic because of the problem: “risks.”
Once your research topic has been chosen, identify one primary and one secondary source of research on the topic. (You won’t conduct your own primary research, but rather, find others who have conducted primary research on the topic). Then answer:

Introduce each of the forms of research. Why is the study a primary/secondary form of research?
What were the hypotheses or goals of the studies?
What were the methods to gather data and information (methodology)?
What were the findings?
What were the recommendations?
This assignment should be between 2-3 double-spaced pages in APA format. Include your references at the end of the study in the proper format. Title page not required. Make sure to put your name at the start of the assignment.

FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT THE TOPIC TO BE USED: NEGATIVES AND POSITIVES OF OUTSOURCING. Please reach out if you have any questions. The instructions should be clear

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