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1- Due date 21 sep 2021 at 5PM.
2- Final report ( including everything 1600 to 2000 words) and Power Point presentation that summarizes your work
3- The project aims to integrate the knowledge acquired during the course. The project must from the real world. It can be innovation idea about new product or service or can be constructing or can be an organizational, technological or other type of change.
4- The work consists of developing and presenting a team-based project from an organization, public or private, including project scoping, planning, scheduling, and cost control, among other project management knowledge areas.
5- Support work with pictures/charts/diagrams/illustrations/tables/figures.
6- Avoid plagiarism
What must include in project:
1. Introduction
2. Project identification: Clear and detailed description of the project, the problem in question, its strategic relevance, its economic and / or social justification, etc.
3. Project life cycle.
4. Detailed project plan that includes the following items:
1. Scope  WBS that shows the deliverables and work packages (no activities)
2. Schedule  At this level activities need to be identified, sequenced, their duration estimated, and the schedule is developed
3. Resources  at this level human and material resources need to be identified with the cost associated to every resource (e.g. rate per hour for human resources)
4. Cost  at this level resources are assigned to activities to build your final budget.
5. Risks ( put ratio for each risk)
 Identification of risks
 Analysis of risks
 Mitigation of risks
5. Students are free to use any project management tool (MS project, Microsoft Excel, Asana, etc.) to complete the final report. ( when you copy from the system and paste in report it must be clear and clearly show of activity , resource and cost).
6. Conclusion: include what you learned from this project.
Important elements to consider:
1. A minimum of 60 activities is required
2. The project can’t have a duration of less than 4 months
3. The format, introduction and conclusion count for .

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