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Share what you learned personally.
What ways did they find that college students coped with stress?
What types of interpersonal stress was mentioned in the article?
What is interpersonal stress?
What were the critical factors in the article that determined which students are at risk?
Finally, share some coping strategies you think may be helpful and effective ways for you to handle the stress in your personal journey in college?
If you read additional resources and cite them in your paper, make sure you list them on the Reference list.
The in-text citation for this article will be: (Coiro, Bettis, & Compas, 2017). You will use this citation in the body of your paper when you paraphrase information found from the article.

The reference is: Coiro, M., Bettis, A., & Compas, B. (2017). College students coping with interpersonal stress: Examining a control-based model of coping. Journal of American College Health , 65(3), 177-186. doi:10.1080/07448481.2016.1266641

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