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******This should be done assuming you work for a Domestic Violence non-profit that focuses on intervention, assistance, and awareness. I have attached four resources to use that are previous assignments and will be used in a final paper. These are resources you may be able to pull ideas from for outcomes and questions.

For this assignment, you should:

Identify a program objective and 2 related program outcomes. Describe why it is important for your agency to evaluate.

Conceptualize your outcomes

Develop a minimum of 10 questions (total) with answer categories, that measure the two client outcomes you identified. Provide instructions for completing the survey. Out of your 10 questions, be sure to include:
1-2 open-ended questions that are related to your outcome (e.g., you may not use a question such as “Anything else you would like to comment on?”).
At least one question that uses response options measured at the nominal level, one question using responses options representing an ordinal level measure, and one using ratio level of measurement.
NOTE: Refer to the PPT on Measuring Program Outcomes for a discussion on the levels of measurement.
Beyond the required questions, you can create whatever type of question you feel best measures your outcome.

Identify one standardized scale that you would propose to use as a measure for your program outcome and indicate why you believe this is a good measure for your client population.

NOTE 1: You will need to assess that the scale is appropriate for your outcome and for your population.
NOTE 2: You should download a copy of the scale and upload it with your paper. You can find scales by doing a library search. Seek assistance from the FSU librarian if you are unfamiliar with how to search for a scale. Check the module for examples of scales.

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