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Part 1 of the assignment

Poster Final Directions: This assignment will consist of two parts. The first part of the assignment is the submissions of the final poster presentation and the second portion of the assignment is the peer review of poster presentations.

Part 1: Students will develop a poster presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Students will need to add an implication section to your poster. The implication section should indicate how your findings may influence policies, populations, or organizations. Furthermore, you will need to integrate previous parts from the poster assignment to create the final poster. As such the following headings should be included in your poster presentation: 1) Purpose (research question and literature review); 2) Study population; 3) Study design; 4) Study analysis; and 5) Implications sections.

Please include any additional information you would like include on the poster. Also, you have not collected any data for your research question so your poster will not have any tables of analyses conducted. Do not use first person when writing your poster presentation, points will be deducted for using first person.

Please use the example below attachment to help develop your poster presentation.

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