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This term-paper should include on a condition, situation, scenario specific
to a stage in the life-span (ex. Crises, aging, “failure to launch”, marriage/divorce, empty nest, sandwich generation, etc.) The term paper must be typed with 1” margins, double spacing and a 12 point Times Roman font. The paper should also include a reference list. A minimum of five references must be utilized. The American Psychological Association format must also be utilized
for the paper. The paper should be between 4-6 pages in length (not including cover page, abstract, references, exhibits, etc.) -I choose the life crises for my term related and based on Erickson’s Theory I; one possible topic could be:
*Positive outcomes of early life crises help put people on the path to positive development. Life crises emphasizes on the importance of human choice and their decision. (Please read the instructions carefully, thank you I appreciate it.)

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