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1- The collection of data for scientific inquiry can be performed in a variety of methods. Would the administration of young blood to old mice be an example of an observational study or experimental based science? Explain your answer.

2- We currently live in a world with a lot of media outlets providing lots of information in many different forms. It can be confusing as to whether these forms are from a trustworthy source, biased for various reasons, or trying to be an influential opinion piece.Evaluate the source of the young blood/mice source given the following criteria (make sure to add a statement as to whether you deem the source as valid or invalid):
3- • How to evaluate a source
4- •url and extension?
5- •Author?
6- •Contact info?
7- •Credentials
8- •References?
9- •Site appear professional?
10- •Purpose of the site?
11- •Biased?

3- Describe the details of the DESIGN of the mouse experiment that concluded that “young blood can reverse some signs of aging and improve cognitive abilities”. Not all of these factors may be specifically stated in the article. Please come up with possible answers when necessary (and state them as such). You’ll have to think and be creative (but not too creative :).

•Include the following factors:
•Independent and dependent variables
•Controlled experiment
•Controlled variable
•Control vs Experimental Groups
•Blind experimentation

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