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You will think about how probability relates to elements of your job or industry. As with previous discussion posts, if you are between positions, you may discuss your past job or the future job you wish to obtain. Craft responses to the question below and post to your discussion group.

As with previous discussion posts, you have two parts–you will post your answers mid-week and respond to others by the end of the week in a separate assignment.

Please craft thoughtful answers that are approximately 200 words per question. This requires you to develop your thoughts a bit and expand on your discussion.


What way does probability relate to your own career or industry, or an industry that you are familiar with? Offer clear examples that are explained in a manner understandable by people not at your firm or employed in your firm or industry (Mortgage Underwriter)
How does thinking about probability impact personal decision-making in your own life or household or lives of your family, friends, etc.? Offer examples, scenarios, etc. to illustrate.

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