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Decide on a central theme or question you would like to explore and try your hand at one
of the genres we have analyzed in our course (e.g., poetry, film, novelistic fiction, short fiction, epistle, or speech). Reimagine one of the texts of our course by writing in its genre. Your new text should extend, critique, or nuance a central theme of the parent text.
Allow your creative energies to lead you in a new artistic direction. How would Sula’s portrayal of motherhood change if there was a chapter from Helene’s perspective? What new poem might critique a central theme from “Sci-Fi”? If you were to write a deleted scene from Get Out, what symbols, staging, and dialogue would you include and how would they extend or complicate the social critique of the film? Would you offer a new literacy narrative in the style of I have chosen adding an extra scene to get out
In addition to the creative work, you will need to submit an analysis of at least 500
words which explains your artistic decisions and elucidates how your creation meaningfully extends, critiques, or nuances a central theme of the parent text.

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