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Length: Three (3.5-4) pages
Due: Sunday of Week 1 at 11:59PM
Value: 160 Points for 16% of the grade
Post: Week 1 Assignment

Leadership is all about impacting others, influencing those around us. One of the irreducible truths about leadership is that it is relational in nature: it is about human interaction. Each of us holds certain things to be “true” about the people around us (truth is placed in quotes because we act as though they are true, but truth be told: oftentimes they are assumptions). How we interact with others around us (including our decisions made from our various roles) is predicated on what we “believe” to be true about a number of things, but most importantly people. In other words, we all function on some theory of human nature broadly and then of course about specific people in our lives. This assignment asks you to consider, and explore your assumptions or beliefs. Some of our assumptions are based on firm rationale, and some are not. This is not a group assignment, and all work-related and submitted in satisfaction of this requirement shall be the enrolled student’s own work.
Assignment Specifics
In this assignment, you will describe your personal theory of human nature. You are not to do any research about this topic. The point is to explore your existing assumptions and thoughts about whether people are primarily “good” or “bad” (this is an age-old question), whether people by nature avoid/dislike work or are intrinsically motivated toward doing something, whether all people are/can be leaders or not. These are simply three areas to explore, but you are encouraged to explore all aspects of your assumptions about people.
Theory- for this assignment, a theory (specifically a personal one) is a set of assumptions or ideas about something that is or occurs (in this case human nature) that is used to explain and predict what is/will be.
Human nature- for this assignment, human nature is used to describe human core characteristics, behaviors, of essential traits.
You should consider and write about people on two levels/scope: the individual, and the individual as part of a group/organization. Write a 3.5 – 4 page reflective (do not do any research for this work) paper (double spaced) in which you:
• Completely outline your theory of human nature
• Support with specific examples your theory by describing your assumptions, observations, experiences that are used to outline your personal theory
• Explain where you think one’s human nature comes from
• Address how this theory has functioned in your decision-making (this may not be obvious at first, and so you may need to spend some time reflecting; think of a time you were surprised).
Ideas/questions to consider:
1. Why do I/others do what I/they do?
2. Why do others do what they do?
3. What do I think about how people make decisions?
4. Do humans behave primarily due to nature or nurture?
5. Are people basically good or bad?
6. One way to start thinking of this topic is by considering what human behavior would be like if there were no rules. How would decisions be made, would they be made? What would things like leadership and ethics look like in a world of no rules

Grading Rubric Checklist
➢ Outline of Theory (60points)
○ A proper introductory paragraph with purpose for writing (10 points)
○ The writer’s theory, in whole, is clearly identifiable (25 points)
○ Theory can answer the question “Why do people do what they do?” (25 points)
Total for Outline of Theory: /60

➢ Supported Theory(60points)
○ The number of components present in the theory is supported by explanation of
assumptions (30 points)
○ The number of components present in the theory is supported by explanation
specific examples/observations (30 points)
Total for Supported Theory: /60
➢ Supported Theory(10points)
○ Explains the writer’s assumptions regarding the source of human nature (5 points)
○ Addresses the interaction of nature and nurture (5 points)
Total for Source of Human Nature: /10
➢ Writer’s Theory & Decision Making (30 points)
○ Offers a reflective explanation of how the writer’s theory has emerged in decision
making (20 points)
○ Explains specific examples of the emergence in decision making (10 points)
Total for Theory and Decision Making:
Final Grade: /160

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