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The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate your knowledge related to the assessment and care of a patient/family suspected of elder mistreatment. This is a graded written assignment and contributes 10% to your final course grade. This is an individual assignment, not to be completed by your group. The grading rubric will be used to evaluate your work. Paper in APA format and completed EAI tool must be submitted on Sunday by 11:59 PM in Week 2.

As an indirect practice experience you will meet these objectives:

Identify the potential or actual signs of elder abuse
Analyze the findings to determine the type(s) of abuse found.
Develop a comprehensive, evidenced-based care plan for the elder client including all needed care and referrals for immediate and long-term. Highly recommend the use of template provided above.
1. Read the articles Elder Mistreatment and the Elder Justice Act, and Screening for Mistreatment in Older Adults found in Required Readings for Module 2.

2. View the video – Try This: Elder Assessment Instrument (EAI) that is located in Module 2 print out a copy of the EAI tool attached.
Here is the link to video:

3. Read the case study above.

4. Complete the Elder Assessment Instrument (EAI) based on the findings presented in the case study attached above. EAI tool in the link above is a word document that you can complete online. Information including the reference about the tool is found on the tool.

5. Summarize your findings from the EAI and identify the next steps related to the care. Use the Elder Mistreatment template above to help you structure this paper.

Develop a comprehensive nursing plan of care:

including all nursing care
legal reporting actions if needed
explain your clinical reasoning related to the plan of care and provide a rationale (with references) for your actions and responses.
6. Optional: You may submit your paper to the Preliminary Plagiarism Check assignment upload to check your paper for any errors in citing or plagiarism before you submit your final paper. It is not a graded link and you will get a Turnit in the report so you can make corrections.

7. Submit your final APA paper (no abstract needed) and completed EAI by clicking on the submission above link. Please note that you can attach multiple files in the same attempt or you can attach the completed EAI as an appendix in the paper. Attach both your paper in a word doc or docx and the EAI as a PDF or word file. Faculty cannot open “pages” documents.

Please review APA 7th edition to avoid any unnecessary point deductions.

Avoid using 1st person, stick to 3rd.

Please be sure that you carefully upload your documents as emailed documents are not accepted without instructor permission.

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