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Health and Psychosocial Year 4

Critically analyse the degree to which nurses and their practice are influenced by and reflect prevailing political, social and economic circumstances.

Example: The impact of Covid 19 to…

Word Count 2,500 (10% +/-)

Guidelines for essay content:
· Consider the impact that bio politics has on nursing consolidating your knowledge of current trends, models and evidence based practice.

· Reflect on health promotion and advocacy role of nursing relating to social disadvantage, class and parity issues in health today.

· Consider the factors that can play a role in nurses’ acceptance or resistance of poor practice.

Student checklist:

*Use General Nursing discipline.

*EBP: Need to reference additional materials to those provided in
lectures to show evidence of independent reading, critical analysis and professional research consumerism for the stage of the programme – this means utilising seminal work for your chosen topic(s) area and navigating databases to source research from reputable quality literature.

* No use of the personal pronoun “I” rather use the third person terms such as ‘this study argues’ or ‘this essay argues’ or ‘it is argued.

*Follow Harvard Referencing and Essay Presentation:
-Main body

*References and Appendices not included in word count. No table/ figures in main text – put in appendices.

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