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This is a case study of Julia, a patient that is diagnosed with lung cancer. After listening to Julia’s story, answer the following questions. Provide explanations and rationale for your responses supported with textbook and outside sources. Use evidenced based practice guidelines to direct your care.

Minimum requirement is initial post addressing care by Wednesday 11:59PM with at least two(2) peer responses by Friday at 11:59PM. Group interaction is expected to focus on the responses and explanations. Be sure to respond to any questions posed by your peers or instructors by reviewing the discussion between Friday and Sunday night.

1. Julia has many strengths. Discuss at least three (3), explain and provide rationale.

2. What are your concerns for this patient? (There are at least 4-5). Explain and provide rationale.

3. What additional information do you need regarding Julia and the concerns? Why?

4. What interventions will you address about each concern? Include rationale?

5. What is Julia experiencing? Consider emotional, physical and social feelings. Explain and provide rationale.

Listen to Julia’s story by clicking on the audio file (may take a few minutes to start). A written script of Julia’s story is also provided but it is best to hear Julia tell her story to hear the words and her emotions and issues in her voice.

Julia Morales audio file (Links to an external site.)Please hear Julie’s story in this audio monologue. http://www.nln.org/docs/default-source/professional-development-programs/julia.wav?sfvrsn=2

Julia Morales Introduction(7).pdf (Links to an external site.) This is a written transcript for the audio monologue. It is best to listen to Julie rather than read her story. This is available as ADA compliance need.

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