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Write a 500-word essay analysing the argument of Ann Laura Stoler and Fredrick Cooper’s chapter ‘Between Metropole and Colony: Rethinking a Research Agenda,’ which we read in week 3. This task is designed to develop your skills in analysing and appraising the arguments of scholars, an important skill you will need for your major essay. More broadly this assignment will deepen your capacity to critically examine course readings and to evaluate their arguments. Since Stoler and Cooper’s chapter is a seminal work in the historiography of colonialism, this assignment will also deepen your understanding of important theories and methods in the field. Your essay should address the question: What is the primary argument of the reading? Answering this question will require you to prioritise. We are not looking for a descriptive outline of the content or structure of the reading. Rather, we are looking for an analysis of the major argument (or in other words, thesis) put forward. Please see the ‘Identifying the argument of a reading’ handout at the end of the syllabus for tips on how to do this. How you structure your essay is up to you. However, it should have a logical structure.

What should I prioritise including in the essay?
You need to prioritise explaining the overarching thesis/argument of the chapter, i.e. answering the question: What is the primary argument of the reading?
In order to explain this primary argument, you will need to explain what you see as the most important sub-arguments that are used to support this overarching argument.
The chapter obviously contains quite a few ‘sub-arguments’ in the various sections, so the question is: what do you see as the most important sub-arguments that are used to support the primary/overarching argument.
Stoler and Cooper also provide numerous examples to support their arguments. So, you need to distinguish between examples and arguments. It can be useful to think: ‘Is this an example, and if so what argument or conclusion are the authors supporting through this example? What is the broader point they are making here?’ You might include some of these examples, if you think it helps you to demonstrate the broader argument the authors are making.
Are footnote citations and a bibliography needed?
Yes, as this is an essay and footnotes and a bibliography are always needed in essays.

You need to include a reference not only for quotes, but also whenever you refer to an idea, argument, information or example from a source.

Please refer to the course style guide for the referencing style.
Citation style: Chicago style referencing

References I used when attempting to do this essay lol: https://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/hist/eia/annotated_bibliographies/cooper1.php
Note: Pls follow the standard essay structure

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