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Natural/Accidental Disasters
1. National Response Framework, Fourth Ed. Read “Operational Coordination,” pages 15 to 20.
2. You will also need to become familiar with the “memorandum of understanding” approach to cooperative engagements.
a. Provide two examples of a memorandum of understanding. Explain why you chose these examples.
b. Explain why it is advantageous to have a reciprocal emergency response agreement with the town or city that adjoins your town or city. Give examples.
c. Search and Rescue Task Force: Outline a search and rescue plan of operation. Explain the preferred kinds of communication employed in a disaster scenario. Cite the specific place(s) in the NRF document where you got your search-and-rescue information.

Required Reading
Disaster-specific memorandum of understanding (2017). FEMA. Retrieved from https://www.fema.gov/media-library-data/1416583062704-86cb8bebe23906b594ce14860d86f8af/Disaster-Specific_MOU_updated_weblinks.pdf
Emergency Support Function #9: Search and Rescue Annex (2016), FEMA. Retrieved from https://www.fema.gov/pdf/emergency/nrf/nrf-esf-09.pdf
Law enforcement preparedness for public health emergencies: An executive summary of the resources series (2010). BJA-US Department of Justice. Retrieved from http://www.policeforum.org/assets/docs/Free_Online_Documents/Public_Health/law%20enforcement%20preparedness%20for%20public%20health%20emergencies%20-%20an%20executive%20summary%20of%20the%20resources%20series%202010.pdf Read pp. 1-8.
Memorandum of understanding between the City of Mercer Island and the American Red Cross Chapter serving King and Kitsap Counties concerning the placement, maintenance and care of disaster relief supplies (2007). Retrieved from http://www.mercergov.org/files/Am%20Red%20Cross%20-%20Disaster%20Relief%20Supplies.pdf Review this sample MOU.
Overview of MSCC, emergency management and the incident command system. Health and Human Services (2012). Retrieved from: http://www.phe.gov/preparedness/planning/mscc/handbook/chapter1/pages/default.aspx
RECP law enforcement and coroner/medical examiner subsidiary plan: San Francisco Bay Area regional emergency coordination plan (2008). Retrieved from: http://www.sfdem.org/ftp/uploadedfiles/DEM/PlansReports/LawEnforcementAnnex.pdf Read the Introduction
Weine, S. (2017). How local law enforcement uses community policing to combat terrorism. Lawfare. Retrieved from https://www.lawfareblog.com/how-local-law-enforcement-uses-community-policing-combat-terrorism

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