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I would write about the history of Sudan’s politics and how it plays a role in the current peacekeeping affairs or through any peacekeeping efforts in its history.

These are the instructions.
An individual report (25%): each member of the small group will analyze a particular sector for a given case, i.e., security, governance, economy, justice. The student is required to write an individual report analyzing the specific sector he/she is covering for the country (5-8 pages double-spaced—bibliography not included in the page count).
This report should contain:
• A brief overview of the conflict
• An overview and analysis of the intervention to date in your sector (based
on a “desk study” of field reports, projects documents as well as any
secondary analysis available).
• An assessment of the intervention (is there a unified approach? To what
• How well international strategies are coordinated or harmonized
• To what degree is it locally owned
• The relationship of the activities to the overall goal of peacebuilding. (are
activities addressing sources of conflict?)
• Concise set of recommendations for the government in order to improve
the intervention(s) within your respective sector.
Additional questions you might ask are: are the resources adequate? Have there been setbacks that require a rethinking of the approach?

The purpose of this assignment is to provide a thorough review of the intervention strategies being pursued in your respective sector in the given country (e.g. through UN, government, or NGO documents) and make specific recommendations for how to improve the interventions. Each student will analyze a particular sector of peace building (security, governance/politics, economy, justice/reconciliation).

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