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The student is required to submit a research paper on several international night club fires which have occurred in this century and have comparisons to the Station Night Club Fire in West Warick,
Rhode Island in 2003. The fires to be researched are as listed below.

-The Lame Horse Night Club – Perm, Russia
-The Cromagnon Republic Night Club – Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Santika Night Club – Bangkok, Thailand
-Kiss Night Club Fire – Santa Maria, Brazil
The student may choose to include other international night club fires in order to reinforce the statements that the student wishes to make in their paper. However the four listed are mandatory.
A systematic analysis shall be used and shown in the paper of all the facts and evidence of the above fires to make a comparison to the tragic events of the Station Night Club Fire. All types of evidence ( physical, testimonial and documentary) shall be discussed and cited. A discussion of the
events ( and non events) leading up to the fire shall be discussed. This information may include construction type of the structure, the passage or non passage of legislation which affected the fire and events which occurred the evening of the fire. The research may also be one taken and researched from online, newspaper, magazine or any other format. However, credit must be given in the bibliography of where the information was obtained. The research paper is worth 10 % of the final grade. It shall be typed and neatly printed. A hand written document will not be accepted. The research paper shall be of sufficient length and scope to do an adequate job of analyzing all the important criteria of the fires. The ideal paper should be of 3 to 5 pages of font size 11. The research paper length shall be adequate to make all arguments and
submit all evidence to substantiate your conclusion.

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