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Imagine you have been asked to present at a town hall meeting. You are presenting the details of a new local policy that is being proposed. Your audience wants to know the problem, proposed solutions, risks, challenges, and funding opportunities. Develop a PowerPoint presentation. In slides 2-8, provide presentation notes elaborating on the slide narrative.

The sequence of slides should be as follows.
Slide 1: Title slide includes the title of the assignment, student name, course title, and date.
Slide 2: Define and analyze the problem to include possible conflicts that include political conflicts.
Slide 3: Construct policy alternatives.
Slide 4: Identify stakeholders and roles.
Slides 5 and 6: Identify budget cost factors, and introduce saving measures.
Slide 7: Choose evaluative criteria.
Slide 8: Identify any incentives, subsidies, and support.
Slide 9: Draw conclusions in a summary.
Slide 10: References slide in APA style that uses a minimum of two sources.

Add detail to your slides in the notes section of the presentation. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations and be referenced per APA guidelines. Make sure to format your presentation according to APA style. If you need assistance in creating a PowerPoint, view this Writing Center tutorial on best practices. If you need assistance with including notes or APA within your PowerPoint, the document PowerPoint APA and Basics shows examples of these elements. Submit the presentation by using File Upload.

For additional guidance on APA style, refer to the APA Paper Examples in the Learning Resources found in the Resources tab of the Student Portal.

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