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Directions: For the assignment below, you are required to conduct research in order to answer the question and prepare a written essay (one-page) in
response to the topics and issues presented. Please follow the additional guidelines and
Submission Requirements provided for each assignment.

From the list provided below, please select two federal administrative agencies. Your
assignment is to conduct research on both agencies and to submit a two-page essay which explains and discusses the purpose of the Federal administrative agencies that you
selected, including, but not limited to:

o its role, purpose, area of regulation;
o powers and authorities of the agency under the United States Constitution and our
system of Law;
o structure chart (must provide a chart showing the structure of the agency);
o how the agency affects the lives of individuals and the kinds of services it provides to
the community, if any; and
o explanation of where the agency falls with respect to the Federal Executive,
Legislative and/or Judicial branches.
Federal Administrative Agencies
Internal Revenue Service
United States Postal Service
Securities and Exchange Commission
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Trade Commission
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
National Labor Relations Board
Peace Corps

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