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This assignment is based on stimulation from Sentinel City; Click on to enter Sentinel City and continue your virtual experience by taking a bus tour of Sentinel City. As you take the tour write down your observations, specifically focused on the subsystem: physical environment. Meet with Mayor Hill to discuss the subsystem: physical environment. Compile your observation and any demographic information addressing each item listed in the first column of the rubric. You are encouraged to add other relevant characteristics you observe that may not be listed in the first column as you complete this activity. Reading and Resources: Harkness & DeMarco (2016) Read Chapters 4&5, Visit Healthy people 2020 – Determinant of Health, World Health Organization- Determinant of Health, Health People 2020 Objectives, Visit health Disparities, Find the health rankings for the county where your practice learning site is located by visiting: ” Health Ranking for your State & County. What are Levels of Prevention Video. I did the stimulation these are some of my observations ( please do your own observations). I observe Trees, cemented sidewalk in good condition( so garbage and rodent was noted in one area), I did not see walking/bicycle paths but I saw bicycle and bike riding on the street. The residents shop at the Fine Art Gallery, Grocery stores such as Amboy and Joe’s grocery, Bodega Supermarket, Book store, coffee shop ( name of the coffee shop is Bean), Donut shop ( name of the donut shop and deli, fruit and vegetable stand, clothing store, gas station, and downtown store. There is a Hotel named City Center Historic Hotel. Graffiti noted, there are billboards with readings such as ( don’t text and drive it could wait, get vaccinated stay healthy, flu season is here get vaccinated stay healthy, fighting addiction we are in your corner, pregnant don’t be afraid we can help, e-cigarette – all the buzz none of the smoke) gang signs- tagging noted. In a community center with a large number of occupants, the entrance wall has a slogan that reads ” Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success), there is a park. I met with Mayor Hill he gave information on Environment hazard plans, Air pollution reduction plans, Public green space plans, and Abandoned buildings plans. Mayor Hill, the plan for abandoned buildings is to turn liabilities into assets by grouping up with business owners, politicians, community members, and residents nearby to form a community development task force to develop a large homeless shelter. His plan for air pollution is for the city council with local factories to find ways to reduce air pollution.

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