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Case Assignment
Global network vulnerability has become the concession and price to pay in maintaining connectivity to the Internet. The leadership at Cisco Systems estimates there will be 50 billion IP linked devices by 2020 with the capability to produce ten times the amount of data that are produced today (Oltsik, 2014). Sharing data between different organizations is a simple keystroke, and system vulnerabilities have become the natural by-product.
For this Case, answer the following:
1. Identify the types of risk and vulnerabilities associated with military and corporate data.
2. Explain the vulnerabilities that exist within military and corporate data. How do they relate to the study of Cyber Threat Intelligence?
3. Is the study of Cyber Threat Intelligence timely staged to mitigate the data risk to both military and corporate enterprises?

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Reed, J. C., & Dunaway, N. (2019). Cyberbiosecurity implications for the laboratory of the future. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 7, 182.

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